Confidence Power Limited (Merged into Confidence Infrastructure Limited)


Confidence Power is one of Confidence Group’s respective concerns. When it comes to electrical solutions for your daily operational needs, seamless power supply is essential. With the aim of fulfilling this need, Confidence Power Limited started their journey in 2000.

The aim was to meet the growing demand of Concrete Poles for BREB (Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board) and BPDB (Bangladesh Power Development Board) for distribution of 11kV and 33kV Electricity in urban and rural areas of Bangladesh. At present, more than 25,000 pcs of Spun pre-stressed concrete (SPC) poles are being produced to meet the country’s need each month.

Our SPC poles are actually reinforced concrete poles that are strong and sustainable compared to typical concrete poles or traditional wooden poles.

When the Government of Bangladesh began a large scale expansion of electricity distribution network across the country, Confidence Power Limited was established to meet the growing need. These days, SPC poles are used by both Government Authorities and private organizations in the power sector. The mini solar grids under private organizations, individual substations of different non-government private factories and the independent power plants are also using SPC poles as efficient infrastructure for power transmission and distribution.