Confidence Steel Limited (Merged into Confidence Infrastructure Limited)


Confidence Steel Limited is a manufacturer of galvanized steel, which contributes to an array of products including street light poles, transmission poles and towers, and telecommunication poles and towers. We proudly hold a staggering 85% of the market share under our belt; while also operating as the only galvanized steel exporter of Bangladesh, supplying to Nepal, Maldives, Malaysia, etc.

The versatile and flexible manufacturing capacity of Confidence Steel enables the company to address specific demands of clients. It is thoroughly made certain that the raw materials used in the production process are of quality grade and can endure adverse weather conditions.


Confidence Steel manufactures hot-dip steel poles of various kinds. The category range includes:

Steel Towers for transmission and telecommunication.

Steel Poles for street lights, hardware and fittings for telecommunication, power distribution and transmission lines.

Steel Foot-over Bridge and Railway Bridge

Pre-engineered Buildings for power plants and various factories.

Towing Tanks which are approved and tested through BUET.

We have successfully manufactured and supplied Telecommunication towers (3-legged and 4-legged); single, double and multi-circuit transmission towers (132KV, 230KV and 400KV), Telecommunication poles, distribution poles (11KV and 33KV), and transmission poles (132KV).

The pole fitting products can carry voltages ranging from 11 KV to 66 KV. The entire work process of Confidence Steel involves designing the required product, fabricating the product, galvanizing the product, packing and transporting the product wherever required and lastly installing the product.

Hot-dip steel poles are specifically beneficial because not only are they easy to install, but are low-maintenance, mechanically sturdy, durable through harsh weather, corrosion-proof, electrically safe, aesthetically appealing as junction boxes, and their electrical control gear can be camouflaged. The manufacturing process involves cutting to length, trapezium cutting, longitudinal folding in press and longitudinal welding. All the procedures are executed through world-class CNC machines and the towers are manufactured to BSEN 10025 and S 355 Jo standards. The yield strength is a minimum of 355N/sq and the tensile strength is 490-630/sqmm.

An array of sophisticated software is used to define the design of its products, including:

MS Tower: For analysis and design of telecommunication towers and poles.

BOCAD: For shop drawings and planning of erection of towers.

PLS Tower: For analysis and design of transmission towers.

PLS Pole: For analysis and design of transmission poles.

PLS CADD: For structural and geometric design of overhead lines.

Quality Sourcing

Confidence Steel Limited is a certified environmentally friendly galvanized steel manufacturer, holding ISO: 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications.

All raw materials undergo quality inspection during receipt and are subject to standard audits (as a routine procedure). The inspections of the procurement are documented, and even ones that are purchased on an urgent basis are not left uninspected. In-process inspection and testing of the products are done according to established quality control procedures to check the product at the final stages. No product is transformed into finished goods until final inspections and clearances have been conducted. Additionally, storage of our products is done in a way which ensures full quality retention.

Our established monitoring and measurement processes meet the expectations of our customers. As tower and pole testing is an essential part of our clients’ requirement, we have a testing bed to erect our towers and poles for demonstration. For poles, a sample is manufactured, and the design load is applied on with the client (or a representative of the client) present on site. As far as towers are concerned, a sample of telecom or transmission tower is manufactured, which is then installed on the tower testing bed. After the certification of acceptance is handed over, the company proceeds to mass production.