Products & Services

Steel Cross Arm

Steel cross arms are horizontal support structures made of steel. Confidence Infrastructure uses these in the construction of electrical power distribution systems.

Line Hardware

Confidence Infrastructure provides various hardware components necessary for the construction and maintenance of overhead power lines.

Pole Fitting

Pole fittings include components and accessories designed to attach and secure items to poles. This could involve fixtures, signage, or additional equipment.


Confidence Infrastructure is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of transformers, essential devices that transfer electrical energy between circuits through electromagnetic induction.

Telecom Tower

Confidence Infrastructure designs and constructs telecommunication towers, offering support for antennas and communication equipment for mobile and wireless networks.


Poles, in a general sense, refer to vertical support structures. Confidence Infrastructure provides poles for diverse applications, such as street lights, signage, and utility support.


Monopoles are single, self-supporting poles used for various applications, including telecommunications, lighting, and signage. Confidence Infrastructure specializes in the design and installation of monopoles.

Street Light Poles

The company offers street light poles, providing the necessary support for street lighting fixtures. These poles are designed for urban and suburban lighting solutions.

Steel Bridges

Confidence Infrastructure designs and constructs steel bridges, providing durable and reliable structural solutions for crossing rivers, valleys, and other obstacles.