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Prefabricated Steel Structure

Prefabricated steel structures are pre-built off-site and then transported for assembly. Confidence Infrastructure specializes in providing durable and flexible steel structures for various construction projects.

Substation Equipment

Confidence Infrastructure provides equipment essential for electrical substations. This can include transformers, circuit breakers, and other devices involved in the transmission and distribution of electrical power.

Electromechanical Solution

Confidence Infrastructure offers integrated solutions involving both electrical and mechanical systems. This could include services related to the design, installation, and maintenance of systems that involve electrical and mechanical components.

River Dredging

Confidence Infrastructure may offer river dredging services, involving the removal of sediments and debris from riverbeds. This process is essential for maintaining navigable waterways and preventing flooding.

River Bank Protection

Confidence Infrastructure specializes in river bank protection, implementing solutions to prevent erosion and protect riverbanks from the impact of water flow. This can involve the use of various materials and engineering techniques.

Geotextile/Geocil & Geobag

Geocils or Geobags are geosynthetic containers filled with soil or other materials. Confidence Infrastructure may provide these for applications such as erosion control, slope stabilization, or as part of environmental protection measures.

SPC Pole

Similar to SPC piles, SPC poles are made of Self-Compacting Concrete. These poles are known for their durability and ease of use in various applications.

SPC Piles

Self-compacting concrete (SPC) piles are manufactured by Confidence Infrastructure and are commonly used in foundation construction for stability.

Steel Poles

Confidence Infrastructure manufactures steel poles for various applications, including lighting, signage, and utility support.

Transmission Towers

Confidence Infrastructure specializes in the design and construction of tall transmission towers that support overhead power lines, facilitating the transmission of electrical energy over long distances.